Will I Ever Find Him?

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One of my support crew (I don’t like calling them helpers or aunties because for me they are my entire support network.  They are something more.) has a 14 year old daughter.  She spent Christmas and New Years with us in Hong Kong.  She had never being on an airplane.  In fact, she had never left the Philippines.  We paid for her passport and her flights.  An expense that is relatively cheap compared to the impact it had on her and her mother’s lives.  For the first time in many many years they could spend Christmas and New Years together.

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But there is more to this story.  This girl has a father.  An Australian pilot – to be exact – that has never funded or being involved in any part of her life.  If he had/was I am certain that this mother and daughter would not have to live in separate countries.  I have this father’s full name and birth date.  I have hired a private detective – to no avail.  I searched with the Australian Consulate on my side.  I have put in a Freedom of Information claim in Australia – with some success – I know that he still lives in Australia, and most likely up north.  And just recently, I sent this Australian pilot a handwritten letter to a certain address.  The letter expressed my views on his lovely and intelligent daughter, and how I wished that he would at least be a part of her life as much as she and her mother are a part of our lives.

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As of yet I have had no response from the Australian pilot.  On a positive note, the letter has neither being returned to me as ‘unknown’.  This letter is sitting in someone’s hands.  And in a couple of weeks, I will write another letter.  But, for now, I need more ideas.  How can I ever find this man?  I understand that he probably has another family and I don’t want to cause anyone else pain, but I fully believe that this daughter should not be forgotten.

What is your advice?

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6 thoughts on “Will I Ever Find Him?

  1. This is a hard one.
    In tough situations, we can never answer the question “Why?” on so many levels. Life can be so cruel.
    I hope all goes well…

  2. Shan, I don’t know if you ever will find him, but I do have some resources available to me that may be able to assist. Send me an email x

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