Shan Does Life

Firstly, I must apologise for the late entry this week of ‘Shan Does Life’, but my parents were in town and I wanted to give them my all.  I haven’t seen them for over a year and I had taken time off work so that they were my entire focus.

So here is ‘Shan Does Life’ for the last week.  It is all about living the goals/dreams you wish to and not letting life slip by on any given day.

Friday 20 September 2013: As a family we went to see, ‘Planes’.  It was Remy’s first movie in a cinema.

Picture 9

Saturday 21 September 2013: A new haircut, including right shaved side of the head.  Rhianna was my inspiration.

Picture 18

Sunday 22 September 2013: I got around to watching ‘Fight Club’.  I had forgotten how h-o-t Brad Pitt looked in the movie.  And of yes, the book – as always – is better.

Picture 17

Monday 23 September 2013: Xuan and I went to try out a new Vietnamese restaurant in Soho, called Chom Chom.

Picture 2

Tuesday 24 September 2013: I had a most relaxing pedicure.  A pedicure for me is a theraputic treatment.  It offers me great pain relief.

Picture 15

Wednesday 25 September 2013: With my parents we tried out Lucy’s in Stanley.  I am always searching through my ‘Lonely Planet’ guide to highlight off the list of places to try.

Picture 11

Thursday 26 September 2013: With my parents, we tried to the Mido Cafe in Jordon – right near the Jade Market.  Another one to highlight on the ‘Lonely Planet’ guide.

Picture 13

How did you do life last week?

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