Shan Does Life

‘Shan Does Life’ is about taking small steps every day to chase dreams, live dreams and find more dreams.  Not putting any obstacles in my way.  This means achieving something every day.  These achievements may be small, costly and not so costly, things I have being putting off, things I have always wanted to try – dreams I have always wanted to live but reasons mentioned in my previous blog entry have gotten in the way.  Some of these achievements you may do every day, but for me – for some reason – get left to the wayside.

‘Shan Does Life’ for this week …

Friday 13/9/13 – Rhianna Concert in Macau – She’s my number two girl – HOT!


Saturday 14/9 – The largest temple in Macau with the best vegetarian food.


Sunday 15/9 – I made a birthday cake for my husband for the very first time.


Monday 16/9 – I left the apartment at 5am for some exercise.


Tuesday 17/9 – I purchased a Ronald Dworkin book, ‘Taking Rights Seriously’ – finally – I have had this list on my study wall for some time.


Wednesday 18/9 – I wrote down an organised timetable for my parents’ visit in Hong Kong.  I have never done such an itinerary.


Thursday 19/9 – I finally finished my Hong Kong Land Law classes in preparation for my conversion.  I went to every class and sat and took notes for every minute.  That is commitment.


How did you do with your life this week?

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2 thoughts on “Shan Does Life

  1. I gave birth to life does that count? I had a little girl who we have named Bella. Only things didn’t quite go plan and I had her at home, so now Drew can add midwife to his resume! Luckily the paramedics arrived with a few minutes to spare! Talk about making an entrance! And arrived on her due date, Friday the13th, spooky. I love that your handwriting is exactly the same after all these years! I have always loved it! Xxxxx

    • Congratulations! And, oh my!! Another little princess for you and Andrew. I think Bella is always going to make an entrance into life by the sounds of things. What amazing strength of you and Andrew to deliver her at home. Where was your other little girl at the time? As for my handwriting – thank you for your comment – made me feel nostalgic about my time at NGSC. xo

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