The Dream Job

Obviously of late I have being thinking about dreams and living the dream.  ‘Fight Club’ – the novel – is still rumbling around in my head.

I think one of the most affecting dream maker, and dream breaker, is your job.  After all, we spend so much time doing our job.  And often, we continue with our dream breaker job because it suits our current need, supports our family, and/or we are afraid to take a risk.  I have done that – many times over (not in all jobs, though).  All three reasons.

Part of the compromise of moving to Hong Kong for my husband’s job was that I would have the opportunity to use my law degree, which I completed when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  Also, there is no doubting that my husband’s current wage enabled me to follow my dream.  Without him, and the cash (!), I would not have been able to start afresh in the law world.

For over a year now I have being working in a human rights law firm in Hong Kong.  I once dreamed about this type of job.  And here I am.  I networked, researched, volunteered, pestered and took a risk to be where I am today in paid employment.


I am living my dream job, and every day of my life is now different because of that risk and opportunity to do so.

Are you living your dream job?  If so, how does that make you feel?  If not, what stops you?  What is your dream job?

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10 thoughts on “The Dream Job

  1. Such appropriate timing Shan, I am currently trying to but out what my dream job is. I have no idea what it is, but it’s not a job I have done in the past, or am doing now!! I’m so happy for you after reading this xox

  2. Good on you Charlie. I love that you love your job. Being ex colleagues, we have worked side by side supporting each other in a working environment that was very difficult…. A nightmare rather than a dream. However, that was not the job…. More the environment. Interestingly though, we have both moved out of that career.
    I am currently not living the dream, but this job has taught me to be resilient and opened my eyes to many things that I hope most people never get to see. It has also set me on the path to my dream job. Such a huge prophetic of the people I deal with have ended up on their current path due to some kind of relationship with elicit drugs- whether their encounter was short lived and 20 years prior, or they are currently using and need to support their habit, somewhere in people’s history there is so often some kind of a connection – however tenuous. My dream job will allow me to do something, however small to assist with the management and control of elicit drugs being produced imported and distributed in this country.
    I hope to start working in this area in the new year. And I can’t wait!!!!!!

  3. Hey Shan! Glad you’re living the dream, well done! I love love love my job, and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. While there are trying days, and end of term time (such as now) is struggle town, I love that my job enables children to see their potential and work towards being the best that they can be. x Ally

    • I honestly believe that there wouldn’t be too many teachers out there that would make the love love love statement. I wish I had many more teachers in my schooling life just like you, Ally. Passion is essential and kids pick up on that. xo

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