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The book, ‘Fight Club’, changed my world, my internal dialogue.  I saw the movie aeons ago, but I do not remember it, except that it featured Brad Pitt and Ed Norton.  I had always wanted to read the book because of its classic following.  I plan to revisit the movie in the near future.

The chapter that really got me – the one that spoke right to me – was when Project Mayhem had to steal 12 licences as evidence of ‘killing’ someone.  One licence, in particular, was from a boy waiting at the bus stop after night shift.  Tyler held the gun to the boy’s trembling head and told him that he will be dead in one minute or in one hour, but for now he must answer honest questions.  He asked the boy now that he is faced with death what was it he had always wanted to be.  What was it that the boy had always wanted to do with his life?  Surely working night shift in some dead-end job was not the life answer?  The boy answered – to be a vet.

When we are confronted with the idea of our own death we tend to become nostalgic and run through our life like an old movie clip flipping through on the projector.  And if we really did have a gun to our head, what would be our answer?  What was it you really wanted to do with your life?

My reading of ‘Fight Club’ made me ask a pensive question of my Facebook friends – what stops your from achieving your dream/s?  Here are some of the answers (and some answers are from personal conversations with friends):

  • Knowing what they are.
  • Not having the courage to take the first steps.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Distractions of life.
  • Myself.
  • Other roles and responsibilities to fulfill.
  • Lack of planning/organisation.
  • Procrastination/laziness.
  • Putting obstacles in my way.

And then one friend provided a link to this speech (it only goes for three minutes):

How would you really enjoy spending your life?  What do you desire?  What is it you want to do so that you don’t end up living a miserable life?

In the scene I mentioned previously regarding ‘Fight Club’ and Project Mayhem, Tyler told the young night shift worker that he would check on him every three months to see that he was back in school.  To see that he was living the life he had always wanted to live.  Tyler has his licence.  He had his details.

Imagine if every three months someone held a gun to your head to check that you were living your dreams the best way you could?  Would you move passed the dot points above?  Would you plan more?  Would you stop procrastinating?  Would you move ahead regardless of knowing that you might fail?

Would you forge ahead – do it all – knowing that it could all soon be over with Tyler breathing down your neck?  I know I would.

6 thoughts on “Shan Does Life

  1. Wow…you write such powerful words Shan. Are you living your dream? I dont know how Iwould survive if I lived my dream… things like
    Reality would ultimately destroy it. So I keep on with the way things are waiting until the day comes when I can make the dream change and know it will be safe.

    • Am I living my dream? A good question, Jo. For the most part, yes. But not all the time and not in all areas. It also fades in and out at times. I have made a more conscious effort since reading ‘Fight Club’. If you wait for the day Jo, it may take awhile to come. Can you take small steps towards your dream now? xo

  2. The premise in “Fight Club” that with a gun held to our head we would follow our passion is flawed. It does not consider the depth of the human condition. For contemplation a poem by Ohmar Khayyam is worthwhile:

    Ah Love, could thou and I with Fate conspire,
    To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
    Would we not shatter it to bits and then,
    Remould it nearer to the hearts desire.

    Volumes have been written about trying to “grasp this sorry scheme of things entire”.

  3. I live my life doing what i love. For me I made some huge decisions a year ago and haven’t looked back. I think that is important to regularly check in with yourself to see if you are still living the dream. I’m grateful for my life and everyone in it. I’ve seen friends who have had their dreams shattered and lives turned upside down and the courage and strength they have inspire me every day to live my life. Only this week I’ve learnt that it can be over in the blink of an eye.
    Dream big shan xo

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