Beginning of a Shan rant (watch out – if you don’t really like me anyway, it is best not to read on) …

So, many Australians are unhappy with the Australian election outcome?  Liberal Party in the Lower House with Abbott leading the way.  Control in the Upper House given to the Labor/Green combination, but the minority parties have great pull.

I honestly do not see what there is to be unhappy about.

This is, after all, democracy in motion.  Not one party has control of both Houses.  This means that there will be some fiery debates and hopefully a likely increase in conscious votes in parliament.  Abbott, like Gillard, will struggle to get bills through both Houses in order to make them legislation.

Granted – Abbott is not the sort of intellectual, think tank, politician I want standing on the international stage.  Nor do I agree with most of his viewpoints.  But … the citizens of Australia can still:

* live under rule of law;

* can feel safe with the separation of powers that exists between the courts, parliament and the executive;

* survive under a government welfare system; and

* practice freedom of speech, press, and association.

The Australian population is not detained or tortured for voicing their opinions against the government.  Their children are not kidnapped by the military.  They all have the right to legal representation and due process before the courts.  And they are certainly not hit with chemical weapons.

And whilst I admit that everything in Australia is not humanely perfect, nor is our history, I do implore that if you are a citizen/resident of Australia do not take your circumstances for granted.  Australia really is the lucky country.

And if you are really pissed off with the outcome of the election, instead of voicing your anger over Facebook or Twitter get the fuck out there and make the change yourself.  Or better still, educate your fellow Australians about how our political system works – this may change the next federal election outcome.  And, oh yes, stop reading the fucking ‘Herald Sun’.  Expand your horizons and your brain cells, read far and wide.  It is time many Australians (not all) stop being complacent about the world around them.  Knowledge is power.

End of rant … but, it felt good.

6 thoughts on “Rant

  1. Love love love! My thoughts exactly! If people took the time to understand the world and took their head out of social medias arse then perhaps our government would have to make intelligent campaigns and have solid answers rather than the bullshit slagging they seem to only accomplish. I completely agree- don’t like it, change it! Xx

  2. Ditto… ditto… ditto.
    Isn’t there a saying – you never knew how good you had it until it’s gone? or something like that.
    And, yes, I like it here.
    It’s frightening to think terrible things happen as common place in some countries.

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