23: Yellow


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4 thoughts on “23: Yellow

  1. This gives me the goosebumps; I remember exactly were I was when this happened and China, in my mind, became a very dark place for me.
    Do you remember the Yellow Peril art pieces near the Yarra years ago? Moved because of Political Correctness? Sina Weibo is pretty game too!

    Not sure if I can handle Sina’s send up of this very, very serious situation.

    • It gives me the goosebumps too. I remember it vividly on the television – my father was watching it and he was explaining to me what was happening. Perhaps this is where my interest and passion in human rights law came from? I read in the newspaper recently that the Michael Jackson cirque du soleil show presented this photograph to their audience in China when the song, ‘They Don’t Care About Us’, was playing. Apparently there was a gasp in the air because as you know this image is banned in China. If I was there, I would have stood up and applauded! We must remember this image forever – it is screen saver at work. And yes I remember the yellow peril. Tell me more as to why it was removed? xo

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