We bought dress ups from the flea market.  They help to entertain us indoors with the amount of rain we have had over the last week.


The dancing we do why we wait for the ferry to take us off the island.


We visited the Lego exhibition in Tai Koo Shing.  It is the first time it has left Japan – called ‘Piece by Peace’.  It was extraordinarily beautiful.


We searched and searched, and we eventually found Australia.


We met some lovely ladies left over from the British days.


Daughter number one finished a week of drama school and presented her elephant part in a play by Roald Dahl.

What is news with you?

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10 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Wish I could have come with you to see the leggo! We have it all over our house. Stood the test of time. How adorable are the girls xo

  2. Aaah dress ups and dancing – rings some bells for me Shan – you?? When it’s cake stalls and concerts then that will be scary!

    • I was actually looking at some photographs of you and I dancing in dress ups in front of YTT. I think I might post them on my blog. I also realised how much Remy actually looks like me when I saw the photographs! The Gang – RIP. HAHAHAHA! xoxo

  3. What great fun you’ve had with the girls! Just wait until, like me, you have a house full of teens…. my 2 have 1 friend & 2 cousins here at present. They manage to catch the ‘ship of shame’ and arrive back at dawn…. sleep through the lovely sunny mornings…. then wonder what to do in the wretched rain at 3pm in the afternoon :( I ask you! xx

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