Funniest Moment


Here in Hong Kong they celebrate the British Fathers Day on June 15.  In Australia, they celebrate Fathers Day in September.  My husband, and father of my children, is graced with two fathers days a year.  Lucky him!  This year they were running a competition at our local recreational club whereby you could submit a ‘funny moment’ photograph.  Unbeknownst to my husband, I submitted the above photograph of my him with our first born daughter.  This photographs was taken many years ago.

To my delight, last week I received a telephone call to say that we had won the competition.  The prize?  Four tickets to the IMAX theatre!  I could not wait to tell my husband.  It gave me such a laugh.  I’m always entering him into things without his knowledge – the next such thing is the half marathon in Cambodia in December.  Yep, I booked him into that one too, and now he knows.

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6 thoughts on “Funniest Moment

  1. Ha ha! Great story Shan, and really cute photo. Glad you told him about entering him in the half marathon..just a little different than a photo comp! X

  2. Ha. That’s brilliant!
    I dis something similar with Josh, my son recently.
    He is 19 and waiting to attend University. Since we moved, he has been unable to do the limited hours at Safeway, with the hour and a half drive each way to our old neighborhood.
    He has applied for local jobs, but in the meantime…. I decided to sell his services on Gumtree!!! Haha. I did tell him…. After it went live. And his number was the contact.
    Below is the message I sent him and the link…. He has had a couple of calls.
    Please feel free to call him if you have some work… He is very polite and cheap! :)
    Hey y’all ll

    I sold You on the Internet!! Not free to a good home, but your services are advertised on gumtree!!! Haha
    Check it out

  3. Great pic, congratulations! I looked at all winning pics posted at the Club, and I thought one of the guys looked familiar… by the way, I can’t find you on FB anymore, fortunately I’m still subscribed to your blog. Hope you are enjoying the summer! xx

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