Spoken Poetry

To say I have become obsessed in this girl, Sarah Kay, is somewhat of an understatement.  You do not need to watch the whole 18 minutes of this clip.  Just take the time to listen to the first 3.40 minutes and take in her words.  Let them roll through you.  Let them tell you that no matter what happens in life the tide refuses to stop kissing the shore.  And don’t forget to wear your rainboots.  Love you Sarah Kay.  Oh … the power of the word – and the spoken word at that.

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4 thoughts on “Spoken Poetry

  1. Thank you Shan for introducing me to Sarah Kay, I have listened so far to the first part of this clip and have already shared it with friends… I look forward to watching the rest of the clip & hunting down more of her work.

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it Feona. There is also another she does with a male – I don’t remember his name – and it is about ‘love coming to town’. It is remarkable. Also, go ahead and share my blog too – I need greater readership and more comments to keep me motivated. :) xo

  2. Hi Shan, I’ve heard this before and I love it. I’ve been a big fan of slam poetry for a while now and do it every year with my students in year 7 or 8 English. What they come up with often amazes me!

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