The ‘Lonely Planet’ guide never disappoints.  Luke and I had parent teacher interviews at daughter number one’s school.  I whipped out my guide and it took us to this cheap, delicious, back corner restaurant.


Double decker bus rides to Stanley to spend the day at the beach and the market.


Inflation exhibition – check out that blue sky.  I hardly ever see that in Hong Kong!


Hours of fun at our local swimming pool.  They really are great outdoor pools for all ages.  Daughter number two spends most of her time with her head under the water.


I went to the screening of this documentary presented by ‘A Room to Read’ – all about educating girls around the globe.  A remarkable story.

What is your news?  How are you spending your time lately?

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6 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I love the Girl Rising thing… can’t think of the correct word to use so the word ‘thing’ is all I can come up with right now… sorry. Had a good/long day at work today, lots of customers. Still have to do a bit more once Kye is in bed… but I have put a glass of red to my lips and am feeling a little relaxed.
    Busy organising a ‘Girls Day Out’ High Tea at Appret. It is to raise money for cancer… the high tea will be wonderful!
    Macarons are all the craze at our place – we have a guy that makes the best macs I have ever tasted. We buy 200 from him a week (Wed) and sell out by Sunday. One young girl bought 40 from me and then contacted the maker to buy another 40… she def. has a problem. In fact I am quite concerned about her mental state if she believes she needs all of those. Twenty in one day to be back the next day to buy another 20… Not healthy. I want to refuse to sell them to her. She called today and asked when the new macs will be in… (if anyone wants one I will mail them to you hehehe – so worth it.)
    Managed to spend half a day with Kye yesterday – so lovely. Watched as he kicked and slid along the Woolworths floor with a box of tissues, all the while giggling… I had to laugh. I laughed because it was wonderful to see him being ‘normal’. I get to witness so many other kids doing this and I inevitably think of Kye. And yesterday I got to witness it first hand. I felt the other parents looking at me, and because they know me from the cafe, they just smiled… I loved it. Kye was so nice. He said, sorry mummy, we still friends… oh as if that’s enough to end a friendship. Imagine if it was – would anyone have any friends!
    I love your musings, Shan. Love you take the time to reach out to the rest of the world.
    We are all so fortunate.
    (Oh, found out the other day that some Bretheren people are moving into Doreen – whatever does that mean for us. :))

    • So lovely to read that you had a great time shopping with Kye. Here in Hong Kong, Asian people look at me and my children in aghast astonishment. I have no doubt that they think that my children’s behaviour is abhorrent. It makes me laugh. I just don’t give a shit. Hope your high tea went well. As for the EB moving into town … stay far away from them … xo

      • You make me laugh, I will give the EB a wide berth… but I will sell them a coffee if they come into the caf… it’s a big if… Oh and the high tea is in Oct. Just prepping for it now. And so glad to hear your shopping ventures are eye opening – they would have a fit if they saw Kye :) xx

  2. News? Am I allowed to write two days in a row?? ;)
    I’m back to work tomorrow.
    Craig is housebound with a bad leg.
    It rained and it’s muddy.
    The good fairies haven’t done my ironing…
    ….yet but I live in hope.

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