Not Change

Recently I was reading the ‘Oprah’ magazine.  Yes!  I really was.  I know, my usual file of magazines includes: ‘The Monthly’, ‘Time’, ‘The New Yorker’, ‘The Economist’ and ‘Foreign Affairs’ – ‘Oprah’ doesn’t seem my thing, but it is.  Really is.  It is relaxing to read and not overly trashy.

Anyway, this month I was interested in the ‘Question of the Month’ that featured in the ‘Oprah’ magazine.  The question read as follows: what would you not change about yourself?  So often we bemoan what we would change, but what would we not change?

Some of the responses in the ‘Oprah’ magazine included: curly hair; nose’ self deprecating humour; dimples; and breast cancer.  I definitely know what I wouldn’t change about me – Art.  I know that this sounds strange for all the pain and anguish he causes me, but I really wouldn’t change him.  He has made me what I am today – a person with strength, resilience, and empathy.  He has made me who I am, and who I am is okay with me.

What would you not change about yourself?

10 thoughts on “Not Change

  1. I went to respond to this over a week ago and couldn’t think of a THING! Then it occurred to me that I wouldn’t change my ability to focus on my goals, I wouldn’t change my thoughtfulness of others and I wouldn’t change my organisation skills. There. Done. PS. Great question!!

  2. I would not change my experiences. It has made me who I am and it makes my thoughts and compassion more real! (Plus I love Oprah, I used to subscribe when I had the time to read mags) :)

  3. Besides the RA I think it would be having a Heart Attack at 49…I have learned so much about myself…I am strong, brave, and courageous…funny to and empathetic…

  4. An excellent question. You know what? I too would choose not to change something that I once disliked about myself. Red hair. I will still say that I would love black curly hair but my dead straight red hair has helped shape what I am. Like you, I am ok with that.

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