21/1/11 = 2

I cannot believe that this girl is TWO today!  She fought so hard to stay alive in the womb and for that this girl will be forever tough.  Little fazes her.  She puts up with little from others.  She lives and she lives hard.  And she is a real character.  She makes all of us laugh so much.  Amaya and I often joke about how crazy Remy is – and she really is.  Her latest is to close her eyes when you are telling her off for something – like closing her eyes means she doesn’t hear you.  Oh it makes me laugh and I tell her that closing her eyes won’t shut out my voice.  Attitude ++++.  But I love it.  I wouldn’t want daughter number two to be any other way.

Picture 16

Picture 11

Picture 10

Picture 9

Happy birthday Remy Arwen!  Please keep us laughing all day every day.  Your personality and love of life is infectious.

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7 thoughts on “21/1/11 = 2

  1. Remy sounds very similar to Tully, except she fought so hard outside of my womb! Tully gives me ‘slanty’ eyes when we tell her ‘no’ to let us know she is not happy with us! They definately have attitude!

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