Two weeks my eldest daughter started at a new school.  A new, big school.  She was no longer the top dog.  The school requires her to take a 40 minute bus ride on the school bus, sit at a desk, play in a larger outdoor playground, and respect and listen to the teacher.  It was has been an emotional two weeks for her – and me.  I know that if we were living in Australia she would be gearing up to start her first year in primary school, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Picture 10

To help after her first week, her teacher asked her to take Marvin home for the weekend.  Marvin is the class’ monkey pet.  Each weekend someone has the opportunity to take him home.  Over the weekend the student has to take photographs of what Marvin got up to over the weekend and write about it in Marvin’s book.  On the Monday morning, the student needs to present to the class what Marvin did over the weekend.

Picture 11

It was quite a good teaching idea.  Amaya loved having Marvin in our home for the weekend and she was keen to return to school on the Monday so that she could show everybody what he got up to for the weekend in our house.  Even her younger sister had the chance to have some cuddles.  So what did Marvin get up to?  Aside from sleeping with Amaya and enjoying morning cuddles with the girls, he …

Picture 12

Joined in Amaya’s ballet class …

Picture 13

He went out for lunch and partook in some colouring …

Picture 14

He was made his own custom house, with windows and princess stickers …

Picture 15

And he helped Amaya make some cookies for school.

We hope that Marvin can come by for another weekend stay.

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