The Mind

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Some days, and some moments of the day, I feel like this.  I may be bold, brash and positively loud, but I’m also constantly teetering on the edge of a mind fuck.  Chronic pain screws with your head.  And it is this head space, this constant mind struggle, that casts a dark shade over my eyes.  I know that I’m not alone.  All people who survive Art every day battle the same battle I wage with him.

Some days, and some moments of the day, that battle becomes too much.  We need more support than you would ever know – and we will not tell you that we need that support.  Why?  Because we would be asking you nearly every moment of every day.  We just simply need you to do.  Do so without asking.  Do so without telling.  Do so with love because our invisible pain is very visible and real to us.

13 thoughts on “The Mind

  1. I can relate to this absolutely. I always try to be my best, stay positive etc etc and those around me are so encouraging. But some days, no matter how hard you try, the reality of unpredictable chronic pain, that can strike at any time and waylay any plans, is just too much. Sometimes it can take us to such dark places. But the important thing for me in reading a post like this is that other women who I consider strong and successful with arthritis like yourself have these times too, and manage them. Thank you

  2. The depression that comes with chronic pain takes my mind to places I really never wanted to go. You’re not alone. The thing I have to keep reminding myself is that depression is a liar. Remember that, it is a lying bastard. Gentle hugs.

  3. Oh my… what more can i comment on this… it so speaks into my heart and out of my heart…
    A big hug for you my dear… i feel you…

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