I think I will start with the worst first so that it doesn’t leave a sour taste in your mouth.  Last Saturday afternoon I started to feel really ill.  I felt like I had morning sickness – all over again.  I will do anything not to spew because when I do spew I feel like I’m going to die.  I mean during the physical process of spewing I feel like I’m going to choke and pass out.  So I hold on tight to the spew and focus on other things.  This time I spent my time focusing on the births of my daughters.  I don’t know why I focussed on this topic, but it made me think about my strength and the strength of my husband.  By Monday morning I was feeling better.  But, by Monday night my husband was feeling ill.  By 9.30pm my youngest daughter had vomited twice and I had bathed her twice.  By 11.00pm my husband was vomiting.  By 5am my oldest daughter awoke to tell me that she had vomited through the night thinking it was in her dreams, only to wake and feel the vomit in her mouth, hair and bed.  It was a horrific scene and the apartment stunk the next day.  To top it off, I acquired a migraine on the Tuesday.  Fortunately, we are all now feeling better.  The 24 hour bug had swept its course and done its deed.


A small one, but a huge sense of relief – I submitted my last assignment for this semester.  I now officially have a couple of weeks rest and free time.  Over the next part of January I intend to focus on achieving my January goals.  For those that know me, I’m very goal orientated.  Very life list driven.  Every year of my life a create a list that relates to my age.  For example, this year I will be turning 37 and for that I have a list that entails 37 things I would like to achieve for that year.  I then break this list down into monthly goals so that the 37 items on my list become achievable.  And selfishly the items on my list are not about my children.  They are about me and what I want to achieve during that year of my life.


What were best and worst moments for the week?

4 thoughts on “Best/Worst

  1. Worst- I’ve been staying with my mum this week and she has a really bad toothache. She had a very by fear of the dentist yet se has to visit him today. I feel her pain and anxiety.
    Best – Being away from the city, on holidays at my mum’s house…so relaxing :)

  2. Best:
    Being home after holidays and being back at work.
    I was reminded yesterday that there is nothing bad in my life right now xo

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