Yep – you got it – this post is about tampons and what they mean to a woman who has rheumatoid arthritis.  Especially the twist tampons.  Now, before you go all health conscious on me and tell me not to use them – simply, just don’t tell me not to use them or I will bang on about the side effects of the pill.  Great … all sorted.

I am beginning to find twist top tampons harder and harder to open.  My fingers, knuckles and wrists just can’t mould together to form the necessary action to open them.  I find it frustrating and quite painful.  And I will not move to another brand.  Since having children, things are not the same.  Aunt Flo arrives in a maddening rush, stays around for a chaotic few days and then simply disappears.  I need to feel protected, safe and in charge whilst she is around so that I can manage her accordingly.

What I want is for the manufacturing brand to take into consideration the difficulty a woman with rheumatoid arthritis might have opening their products.  Surely we come into their promotional thinking?!  Surely we should be thought about?!

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9 thoughts on “Tampons

  1. They need to be made aware…and if they want us to use their products…kwim?
    After I had my two kids I started using tampons and I loved them…no I don’t need them…;)…but if I had been more “Assertive” back then I might have written a letter (like that’s going to happen) or send an e-mail…
    I have done that though with other things.
    Like my prescriptions…:)…
    So many things I cannot open or I have had to ask for help…(I hate that)…being somewhat Independent…;)…lol…

  2. I am a total tampon girl too! No applicators required here…just a good, hard shove and it’s in. I must admit that I do like the twist wrapper, but when you expressed your dislike of them (and inability to use them properly) I agree that this is a poor design for all. I also worry that one day I will accidentally leave the top section on and have it up inside me (like an aunty of mine once did – ew).
    I am intrigued to know what you meant by ‘I will bang on about the side effects of the pill’ – perhaps this is another post Shan? xox

  3. I am a great believer in tampons!!!!! Aunt flo always brings the painters and decorators when she visits and it is important to accommodate all!

    My particular fav is not the El branded ‘finger-bob-job’ tampons. I prefer the applicator – no digital probing to get it fully in, cleaner, quicker, and easier to open. Granted, the applicators are wasteage …. But recyclable!

    Haha…. Remember as a young teen, my friend and I got her mum to give them a crack. She was walking around stiff as a board complaining how uncomfortable they were….. Yep…. She inserted the whole thing…. Cardboard and all!!!!!


  4. I love tampons too Shan!!
    I have no idea why Libra tampons changed the packaging to twist. I hate it too, and I don’t have art!
    I much preferred the pull down string that opened it easily.
    Btw, there are no real health effects with using tampons if u use them properly. Those affected by toxic shock were actually leaving them in way too long.
    Ps. I love the pill too! I’m lucky to have found one that I have been able to use for years with no side effects.

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