What will be your one word that will guide you throughout 2013?  One word that you will try to stick to as much as you can in order to make a difference in your tread through the path of life?

My word for 2013 is: honesty.

Honesty to myself and those around me.


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15 thoughts on “Word

  1. In 2013 I will appreciate more, my lovely and caring wife, my wonderful sons of whom I am very proud, my 3 daughters-in law who are very thoughtful towards me, Shan being one of them.
    I will appreciate more my 6 beautiful grandchildren who I love dearly.
    In 2012, I suffered extreme pain and therefore appreciate your situation Shan, more than most. My dear wife cared for me during the year, my little treasure who I will appreciate more in 2013.
    I am still alive, something I appreciate.
    So therefore my word for 2013 is APPRECIATE.

  2. Mine will be ‘freedom’
    I intend to make some serious changes that will free up some of my time and resources and give me more freedom to enjoy my life…. So I can get off the work wheel! I have begun to question what I working for…. Some weeks in my 2 jobs I can do up to 85 or even nearer 100 hours including travel. And still with the cost of living today, I am still struggling to live and have little disposable income. ‘freedom’ for 2013!!!!

  3. Love HONESTY as your word Shan.

    My word for this year is the same as last year – BALANCE. Not an easy one for me but very important.


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