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Strangest thing the other night at the gym … the girl working out next to me on the treadmill promptly turned around and started working out backwards.  Not only was she on the treadmill backwards, but she was running backwards – legs and arms included.  I’m still trying to figure out how she did it.  I had to take a photograph of it.

Is this the new fashionable mode to work out your backside?  Or is this still against the proper use of a treadmill guidelines?  I found it really off putting as I huffed and puffed along because I was trying to control my laughter.

Can anyone enlighten me?

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8 thoughts on “Backwards

  1. Funny you should post this. I just read an article about backwards running races when I was on the plane to KL! Not a clue what it’s about.

    • Sometimes I see some crazy things taking place here in Hong Kong, Norbyah. It gives me a great chuckle. Then again, they probably think I’m very strange. I often get weird looks my way on the MTR when my music is blaring from my earplugs. xo

  2. Hey. It uses a different set of muscles and builds different areas. I ran in the thermo pool with Lisa, and it is hard work going backwards.

      • Mmmm… Alas I cannot. Perhaps she does not know how to reverse the band ? Maybe there are not as many options avail for variation running backwards. Maybe she is just strange and loves people being puzzled by her actions. Xx

  3. Running backwards works different muscle groups so I imagine that’s why she was doing it. Good effort on a treadmill though!

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