Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to you all.  This is our first Christmas away from Australia – and we survived!  In fact, it was great.  I’m learning pretty quickly in this expat lifestyle that the most important people in my immediate world are my little girls and my husband.  What would I do without them here  by my side?


We spent the Christmas time seeing Santa, doing arts and craft, at the beach, taking in the Hong Kong decorations, singing Christmas carols, and eating scrummy food that my husband had kindly taken the time to cook for us.


And thank you to all of you for hanging around my blog for another year.  I hope it has given you some insight into the life of Art – and Shan.  Merry Christmas to all – there is no bah humbug in our house.

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8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. A niece moved from the UK to HK (Discovery Bay) in November – her first Christmas away from her family with her 2 year old son and husband. I wonder if you will ever meet! The world really has become so small! I have enjoyed “revisiting” HK through her pictures on FB – just as I have enjoyed your travels – do start posting regularly again! Happy New Year!

    • Eileen – your niece is really new to DB then – how is she managing? I’m happy to meet up with her as I know how hard it can be on your own. Thanks for the vote of confidence to vote more regularly. xo

  2. just catching up with you….we’ve had a good christmas over here, too. all the family is here (minus my sister’s boyfriend)….it’s been frenetic….as one can only imagine with this many people around, nap time, jetlag, etc….

    hope you have a happy new year. ella is always asking about her friend amaya….and when we might see her again. i love that post about her….such a sweet girl she definitely is….we’re off to kl in a few days….have to try, somehow, to make it over to see you. a good new years resolution?

    p.s. please don’t take my silence or distance (ridiculous as it is that we’re actually both in hk) as any sign that i’m not thinking about you, always.

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