Me – But Not Me


This girl may look like her dad, and a lot like her nana, but she is me.  Oh yes – she is me.  So like me, but without Art.  She is full of attitude, loud, self assured, bossy, forthright, stubborn, driven, cheeky, social, obsessed in books, and exceptionally busy.


But there is one major difference between her and I.  And, it is a very distinct line drawn in the sand.  She is physically gifted.  I don’t mean to wear rose coloured glasses, but there is a physical strength to this girl, a co-ordination, a love of sport and activity – her legs are so strong and her feet massive.  There is no element of clumsiness with this one.  She takes to her scooter every day without fear – and she is not even two years old.


Lately I have being wondering if this is what I would have been like – or be like now – without Art.  Would I have this girl’s physical strength and drive if I wasn’t beaten down every day of my life?  Is she really me packaged into a new bundle?  If so, I’m very excited to see what will become of her physical strength and mental determination.  I’m excited about seeing a version of me, without Art.

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7 thoughts on “Me – But Not Me

  1. Oh what a sweetheart. Gosh she has grown. She is so much like you and has your strength. You may live with pain but you are a very strong and coordinated person too!

  2. Hi Shan, what a darling little girl. I am glad she does not have Art to contend with. I am a mom to 3 boys and have endured RA since my first son was born. I live vicariously through their athletic antics, I instigate them so they run circles around me and I thank God everyday they don’t have RA either. I used to be a tomboy and more athletic than princess. I marvel at the coordination and what these boys can do. I’ve subscribed to your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts. Take care, Tanya.

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