Chemically Straight


I’m struggling to brush my hair.  When I brush it, my wrists, elbows and shoulders throb with pain.  I don’t have beautifully straight hair.  I have boofy, unpredictable, curly hair.  Very similar to the one said Sarah Jessica Parker.  And my hair is getting long – well past the bottom of my shoulder blades long.  Too compound matters I only wash my hair twice a week – once if I can get away with tying it back.  So by the time it gets to the brushing stage after I’ve washed it, it is one matted mess.  The brushing process brings me to tears.  So now I have taken to my husband bushing my hair.  Every time he does so he (lovingly) informs me that he has brushed dogs’ hair less matted than mine! (?)  But I can’t keep asking him to brush my hair.  Why? – you ask.  Because I’m a woman – a makeup, skirts, jewellery, nail polish, kind of woman.  I like to look pretty.  And my husband likes it that I’m this kind of woman.  It doesn’t make me feel womanly to have him brush the dog hair.  Each time I lose a sense of my woman’s pride.  Sometimes, during my lunch break, I do pay the local hairdresser to wash and blow wave my hair (A$7.50), but the minute my hair feels a droplet of moisture it is back to the frizz.  Now, I find myself at a crossroads – do I chemically straighten my hair to ease my pain and address my pride?  What do you think?

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15 thoughts on “Chemically Straight

  1. I love your hair always whether it is perfect and straight or crazy frizzy curly!! I’d say go for it though as you’d always wonder.
    Ps. I’m sure Luke loves brushing your hair for you… Xo

  2. Shan, i was of the opinion that you shouldnt do it but since i have read that you are in pain, i have changed my mind. If you know it will bring you some relief then go ahead and do it. xxx

  3. I think you should do what makes your life easiest and makes you feel best about yourself, Shan. I’ll bet your hair is beautiful at its current length and curliness, but perhaps having it cut shorter, in a more manageable style (like, wash-and-wear) would be another alternative?

    Wishing you the best.

  4. Do it, Shan! You’ll look and feel wonderful and I bet it doesn’t cost that much over there. And a change of look is as good as a holiday… xo

  5. Hi Shan
    When I was at the hairdressers on Tuesday I noticed they had Moroccan oil would you like me to send you some so you may try it. Mum

  6. To straighten, or not strIghten…. That is the question ……
    Hell yes!!!!!!! You get those bloody chemicals and slop them on! You use colour…. What’s the difference? It’s all about less maintenance to look and feel good on a daily basis.
    There is no question in my mind. Do it sister!
    Ps where’s my email????? Too busy brushing your goddam hair to write it eh???
    My olds are coming tomorrow…. For four months….. God help me!!!!!

  7. You do what you feel is best for you. I had to cut my hair short because it was falling out because of the Methotrexate, plus it was easier on my shoulders. I have wavy, curly hair, too.

  8. I agree with you that you need to feel like a woman. Leave Luke to brush your hair when you are in a nursing home. You should feel like the wonderful person you are!

    Go Brazilian blow dry. I’ve done it before and loved it. Never has my hair been so shiny and straight. After awash you simply put some Moroccan oil in it, lightly comb and boom… Out the door- when you get home your hair looks the same as if you just walked out the door!!

    Good luck!

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