My best/worst for the week is back …



On Saturday, at the main plaza in Discovery Bay, a family dance event took place.  It was so much fun.  Both my girls LOVE to dance.  We always have music playing in our little apartment.  In the photograph above Amaya was called on to join the dance group.  It was a song about happiness, importantly the sign language used for the word ‘happiness’ in Cantonese.


Whilst Amaya joined the crew on the pavement, Remy took the chance to jump on the main stage and shake her boogie.  Nothing keeps Remy down – not even the security guard relentlessly trying to get her off the stage.


As much as I was trying to follow the rules and abide by the security guard, Remy had me laughing.  She was having so much fun and I didn’t want to take this away from her – or me.



The worst was definitely realising that we are now in December – another year has passed.  My stomach was suddenly hit with that momentary flummox of reality.  Next year I’ll be 37.  I’ve hardly completed my 36 List.  Where has the time gone?  Now I’ll be spending the month writing my 37 List.  I know that I have asked this before.  But does anyone know how to slow time down?  Or, how to change my mental state so that I can get a grip on the very present moment of time so that my day feels like the number of hours it actually is meant to be?

What was your best and worst moment for the week?

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4 thoughts on “Best/Worst

  1. I hear ya on the ‘worst’ list. There is lots that is great in my life but lots that I would have like to have achieved by 33. If I were to be a hopeless pessimist (which I’m not) I would say something about how life is an inevitable relentless whittling down of opportunities BUT! since I’m not, I think at any time we can make some time to invest in things we are passionate about. All the good stories about women who enrolled in a course in their 40s and became famous academics, or published their first novel (at least you are getting practise writing) or whatever. I think as long as you don’t let time and disability whittle down your optimism to do your best and be open to new things then the possibility of your biggest dreams coming true is always there.

    • I like that phrase, ‘as long as you don’t let time and disability whittle down your optimism’. I’m going to keep that in mind as I move into 2013. My 37 List will be great too – ideas for all occasions – even when I’m stuck in bed with a flare. xo

  2. Best – putting up our Christmas tree and decorations. As the boys get older it is more and more of an event for them and mark of a happy time for our family. Worst – the little one has aytpical pneumonia. He bears everything that is thrown at him so well with such grace and a cheerful smile. Much better than I do. I call him my angel boy.

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