People keep telling me to write.

Write more.  Write often.  Write about Art.

Just write.

I haven’t wanted to write for some time.

Mainly because I didn’t want everyone, and certain people, seeing my life for all its fragility.

My blog is so public, yet so private to me.

Then I started thinking about loved ones who would love to see my life in Hong Kong.

And love to see photographs of my little family.

I thought of my selfish attitude.

I started thinking even more about those that too feel alone in their pain – just . like . me.

My blogging voice does really fill a space in their lonely recesses.

And then …

I took a look at Inklings Ink and I shed tears for the photographs and memories I had created.

What a time capsule for my children!

No one does photograph albums the way they used to.

My blog is my photograph album, my journal and my support to others.

My gift to my children for a time when they are ready.

My blog, ‘Life and Times with Art’, needs you to come with me.

It needs you to keep me feeling less alone in my pain and in my vulnerable – yet very public – words.

Til we meet again, Shan xo

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