19: Something I Dislike

Amaya chucking a tantrum because the elephant she had to ride on was not pink!  She spent the whole ride in state of loud tears.  Waste of energy for her if you ask me …

There are certain things I dislike that I just couldn’t take a photograph of for this entry. I dislike phoniness in people and shooting the shit (viz-a-viz, Holden Caulfield’s pet hate in ‘Catcher in the Rye’). I dislike it when people bemoan over what seem to me trivial matters. I dislike nasty and two-faced women – and let’s face it, most of the time it is women. I dislike it when my four year old chucks a tantrum in public. It makes my blood boil. I dislike it when I cop a migraine. I dislike lies. I dislike exclusion of others.

I really am a nice and warm person!

But most of all, and all of most, I dislike it when people whinge about pain. I understand and respect that your pain is your pain and my pain is my pain, and I do pay credit to your pain. I will even listen to you talk about your pain, though I will rarely part information to you about my own pain. Chronic pain does not subside, does not cease. It is unrelenting – all day, every day. There is no magic pill to pop, nothing a good night of sleep will fix, and certainly no expiry date.  Please think about that the next time you decide to whinge about a niggle.

 What do you dislike?

4 thoughts on “19: Something I Dislike

  1. Yes, there is nothing worse than your child having a tantrum. It does drain you of all energy and tollerance you have stored for the little cherub.

    The only thing I really dislike is waiting. Waiting for pay day, waiting in shops, for Doctors, for results, for kids, for everything.

    I also dislike spiders as most others do too.

    Besides that I think I’m all good.

  2. Yes, nothing worse than a tantrum – it’s worse when I have one though :)
    I dislike arrogance, dishonesty, lack of justice and pure complacency!
    That’s sounds really harsh when I list them like that – I really am a nice, caring person xox

    • I will send you a personal email ‘sewandbakeandlove’ of what I think of complacency. Not too sure if I’ve got the guts to talk about it so openly to the internet world. I was also going to write that I dislike arrogance, but I’ve been called arrogant many times in my life. xo

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